The Family of Nirmala Burada

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Nirmala is a blind widow who lost her husband to Covid. Her younger daughter has a scholarship to nursing school and is their greatest hope. You can read more about the family below.

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Family Members:
Nirmala Burada, 46 years
Dana Lakshmi Burada, daughter, 22 years
Sapana Burada, daughter 19 years

Andhra Region

Burada Nirmala is a poor, deserving widow from the village of Kottigumada, Veeraghattam in Srikakulam District. Her husband, Burada Narayana, was a coolie worker and the bread earner of the family. He passed away in February 2022, a victim of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Nirmala is blind and unable to find any work. The loss of her husband is a great blow to this family. They have two girls. The eldest daughter, Dana Lakshmi, aged 22 is burdened with both a mental disability and a loss of hearing. The younger girl, Swapana, aged 19, is the great hope of the family. She secured admission to a professional nursing course in January 2022 with a partial scholarship. If she completes the course in three years, she could earn a steady income and take care of her family.

In the mean time, the family lives in a completely dilapidated house that may collapse at any time and is especially vulnerable during the monsoon season. They have little to eat, relying upon the good will of neighbors for help.

If anyone stretches their hand to give a helping hand to sponsor this family they could run a petty shop which would provide a much needed source of income while Swapana studies.