The Family of Padmalatha Medapati

Padmalatha lost her husband to a stroke in 2022. It has left her and two teenage children struggling to make ends meet.

With the support of a sponsor, she could be part of the FFA’s Resource program and take positive steps towards reconstructing their life. (To learn more about the Andhra Family Sponsorship program, click here.)

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Family Members:
Padmalatha Medapati, 37 years
Regjhu Varma Medapati, son, 16 years
Vyanali Medapati, daughter, 13 years

Andhra Region

Padmalatha is a widow in need of a sponsor. She was married to Rajendra, an auto driver, for many years. They had two children and lived in the home of Rajendra’s family where Padmaltha cared for Rajendra’s mother. It was a good house complete with three rooms, a kitchen, veranda and toilet. Their two children attended private school and were hopeful of a bright future.

One day Rajendra returned home from work not feeling well. He was rushed to a hospital where he died of a stroke.

Now Padmalatha finds herself in a difficult situation. She and her children were forced to leave her husband’s family house (as is the custom in their village) and find coolie work to provide for her two teenage children. They are struggling to live on her earnings. She would like to do more and develop a business selling breakfast items and snacks in a neighborhood. This would be possible with the support of a sponsor and the FFA Resource Support Program.

If someone would step forward as a sponsor for Padmalatha, she could begin to pick up their life and complete the dream of providing her children with a happy life and good education.