The family of Prajeesh and Mary

Prajeesh and Mary are a hard working couple with four young children. They are trying to provide for their family but have medical burdens and live in a one room house. The children often go to school hungry.

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Family Members:
Prajeesh, 38 years
Mary, wife, 34 years
Abel, son, 10 years
Admika, daughter, 8 years
Ashnitta, daughter, 6 years
Aron, son, 4 years

Alljeppey region

Prajeesh lives with his wife and four little children.  He goes for fishing or masonry work when it is available.  He works hard to provide  for his family of six members.  His wife Mary is educated and preparing to write government exams to get a job but is really limited in her time for studies as there is no other family nearby to help her with the children.
The family lives in a single room house with a tile roof.  The house has no facilities to accommodate six people and they  have applied for a government grant to build a new house. They are troubled as the grant allotted from the government will be insufficient to complete the house construction and the family has no savings.
Prajeesh and Mary are struggling to provide their children with daily meals and all they need to attend school.  Their elder son Abel is studying in the 4th grade and  is sickly and in need of expensive medication as he has been diagnosed with epilepsy.  Abel’s medication and treatment is a major expense for the family. Their daughters are studying in the 3rd and 1st grades respectively.  The younger son is attending the local kindergarten to learn alphabets.  The children are smart even in the midst of starvation and  poor living conditions but they will not bloom to a bright future without the help of a sponsor.
Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.