The Family of Rini and Jose

After her husband lost his leg to diabetes, Rini has struggled to cope with the rising expenses of their small family.

With the support of a sponsor, her family would have a steady source of income for their rent, food, and medical bills.

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Family Members:
Rini, 40 years
Jose, husband, 46 years
Emmanuel, son, 9 years
Alona, daughter, 5 years
Lucy, mother, 62 years

Alleppey Region

Rini and Jose are a poor couple with two children, Emmanual who is 9 and in 4th grade and Alona who is 5 and in kindergarten. Runi’s aged sickly mother, Lucy, also lives with the family.

The past year has been difficult for this poverty stricken family. It has fallen upon Rini to be the main source of income for the family. Her husband Jose had always been a hardworking man who used to go for fishing or for any odd jobs available in the locality.  But he also suffered from diabetics and last year his left leg was amputated.

Rini can only bring in irregular earnings from her tailoring work which she does at home. And so Rini finds herself struggling to make ends meet with rising needs of her family. Both Jose and Lucy have monthly bills for medications. The family lives in a rental house and are behind in their rent. As Sr. Elsy writes of the family, “They are spending their days in fear of getting kicked out of their rented house as they have dues in rent.  Many are their needs and a kind help will surely kindle a ray of hope in their darkened life.  In their pathetic living condition, this poor children will not survive with their studies and their future will be in utter misery.”

The help of a sponsor would provide a very needed steady source of income towards food, rent and medications for this family.