The family of Sebastian and Tresamma – Sponsored

Sebastian and Tresamma have experienced the nightmare no family wants. Their son has been stricken with lukemia.

The family must now care for him at a time when rough sea weather has hampered Sebastian’s ability to fish. With the support of a sponsor, Sebastian would have a steady stream of funds to help them through these difficult times. Please read the story below for more information on this deserving family.

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Family Members:
Sebastian, 47 years
Tresamma, wife, 46 years
Ashly, daughter, 20 years
Niclove, son, 18 years

Alleppey region

Sebastian and Treamma are a poor working couple with two grown children. Sebastian is a fisherman and recently lost all of his fishing equipment in a high tide. Treamma has always gone for odd jobs.

Though their life has been difficult, Sebastian and Tresamma have always been content. And then the nightmare happened that no parent wants to hear. Their son, Niclove, had enrolled in an Augustinian seminary after his 10th grade studies and returned for 11th grade studies but began to have frequent headaches. His rector took him to the doctor and he was advised to undergo some blood tests. Niclove was diagnosed with lukemia. Now the parents are take him to the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum for chemotherapy and radiation. The seminary met all his initial expenses but now he is at home with his parents with monthly medication expenses.

The family is struggling. They all live in a hut covered with tin sheets – not ideal living condtions. In addition to Niclove’s medications, they have other expenses for their daughter, Ashly. She is in the second year of a three year general nursing course. As the family belongs to fishermen community, she does get a grant to cover some expenses but the family still has to meet a sizeable annual fee.

Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.