The Family of Seena and Sebastian

Seena and Sebastian are a poor fishing couple trying hard to support their young girls on a meager fishing income.

There is concern Seena may have cancer but they do not have the funds to have her treated.

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Family Members:
Seena, 28 years
Sebastian, 38 years, husband
Anna Maria, 8 years, daughter
Amala Maria, 8 years, daughter
Josna Maria, daughter, 3 years

Alleppey Region

Seena and Sebastian are a poor young couple with three little daughters. The elder ones are twins, aged eight, and the younger one is aged three.

The only means of earnings for this poor family is the irregular earnings of Sebastian from fishing. His work is seasonal and depends on the availability of fish from the sea. He goes as a paid laborer in another person’s fishing craft and gets only meager wages for his laborious moil in the rough sea. Floods and sea erosion are common in Alleppey and often the fishermen are banned from going for work.

Another worry for this poor family is that Seena has a cyst on her head that is suspected to be cancerous. Out of fear and due to lack of money she has not gone for any advanced checkups.

Their twin daughters are studying in the 3rd grade. They had been studying online for the past two years and now their school has reopened. They were provided with online facilities for their education from their school but now the parents have to send them to school with all necessities for their studies.

This couple is really striving to meet their daily needs, medical needs and educational needs of their children. They are staying in a rented shed near the seashore. The help of a sponsor would give them a very needed steady source of income so their children could continue in school, well nourished, and Seena could receive more medical attention.