The Family of Sijimol

Sijimol is a young widow raising two small children on her own. Her husband committed suicide last November and she has no way to support her children.

The support of a sponsor is the greatest hope for this young family. Any help given to them through sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

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Family Members:
Sijimol, 30 years
Albin, 7 years, son
Aleena, 5 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

We’d like to introduce you to Sijimol. A smart, determined young woman, she suffered from heart issues at an early age. She endured surgery to remedy the issue and planned to become a nurse after finishing school. Towards the end of her studies, she met a young man named Sebastian. Their story is one that is as old as time; the two fell in love, her family objected to the match, but this strong woman insisted on marrying the man she loved.

And, as is often the case, her story did not have the fairytale ending she hoped for. Sijimol soon learned that Sebastian struggled with alcoholism. He was able to make money doing odd jobs, but could not find steady work. Sijimol supported him wholeheartedly, holding their home together with her love and dedication.

The couple did enjoy some happiness. They were overjoyed to have two children, son Albin and daughter Aleena. Sadly, Aleena is afflicted with a severe heart condition. Sebastian is said to have doted on Aleena endlessly, being very protective of her in her ill health.

This is where the story takes its tragic turn. While at kindergarten, Aleena was scolded harshly by her teacher. When word of her punishment reached Sebastian, he became enraged, leading to a drunken altercation between Sebastian and the school employees. Later, horrified and embarrassed by his own actions, Sebastian began spiraling into a deep depression. His condition worsened until, in November 2019, he took his own life.

Sijimol is now a widow, raising two children alone. The family lives in a dilapidated hut and have no source of income. There is no money for food, much less for the medical treatment that Aleena needs to survive. We know the Sijimol is smart, capable, and hard-working, but her circumstances are too great for one person to overcome alone. The support of a sponsor is the greatest hope for this small family to get back on their feet.