The Family of Sirisha Marra

Sirisha Marri and her children have been abandoned by her husband. Despite hard work, she is unable to make ends meet.

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Family Members:
Sirisha Marri, 37 years
Chanthini Marra, 12 years, daughter
Kalyan Kumar Marri, 10 years, son

Andhra Pradesh Region

Sirisha Marri is one of the many poor distressed women in her village. Poverty and misery have been her constant companion since her childhood. She lost her parents at a young age and was raised by her sick and aged grandmother. Throughout her childhood she was forced to work to sustain herself. Finally her grandmother settled her in marriage to Ananda Kumar Marri, a physically disabled man. The couple began their married life with great hope that despite  Ananda’s disabilities they would live a peaceful life free from misery.

Sirisha  and Ananda Kumar were blessed with two children –  Marri Chanthini, aged 12, is studying in 6th grade  and Kalyan Kumar, aged 10, is studying in 5th grade. God blessed the family in many ways. Being physically handicapped, Ananda received a government job with numerous privileges and a better salary.

Unfortunately, their dreams for a peaceful life together were shattered when Ananda fell in love with another married lady and abandoned Sirisha and their children. Sirisha struggled to save their marriage but ultimately Ananda left and now lives in a distant village where he has two children with his new wife. Sirisha has no house or land of her own. She lives in a rented house where paying the rent is a struggle. She works in a textile shop many hours each day but her earnings are not sufficient to meet the household expenses for three of them. She receives no support from Ananda.

Sirisha is a determined woman. She is willing to work hard to secure a better future for her children. She knows garment making and with the support of a sponsor and funds from the  FFA’s Resource Program, she could begin a tailoring business.  In this way Sirisha would be able to provide not only food and clothing but the funds her children need to move forward with their education. Sirisha will be ever grateful if anyone willingly comes forward to give a helping hand.