The family of Sneha Kalaka

Sneha and her husband have four children and are committed to providing their children with good educations despite their difficult living situation. (You can read more of their story below)

With the help of a sponsor, they could raise some small livestock for food and income through the FFA’s Andhra Resource Program for sponsored families. They are eager to do this. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Senha Kalaka, 24 years
Sudarshan Kalaka, 28 years, husband
Archana Kalaka, 7 years, daughter
Ananya Kalaka, 5 years, daughter
Anwitha Kalaka, 3 years, daughter
Noah Kalaka, 11 days, son

Andhra Region

The Kalaka household immediately stands out for its size. While most families we work with have two or three children, Sneha is 28 years old and raising four children in a remote village. Her youngest child, Noah, is a newborn baby who was born prematurely; you can see Sneha holding him gently in the photo.

Sneha’s husband, Sudarshan, is an unskilled laborer who travels the area looking for odd jobs. Life is a challenge. They have no property or real house, and instead live in a dilapidated hut on public land in the forest. Despite these conditions, Sneha and her husband both strongly believe in raising their children to have a better life. They have enrolled both of their older children in a relatively distant school that they believe will provide them with the best education available in the area. The children are already good students, giving hope to their parents.

This area offers little opportunity for the family to earn more income, but Sneha and Sudarshan are proud to give their family the best life they can. With the help of a sponsor the family could purchase some small livestock to raise for food and income. Any support would make a significant difference in the quality of this family’s life.