The family of Sujatha Chinagudaba

Sujatha lost her husband suddenly after many happy years of marriage. She is determined to develop a tailoring center so she can provide for her two children to continue their studies.

With the support of a sponsor, she could be part of the FFA’s Resource program and take positive steps towards this goal. (To learn more about the Andhra Family Sponsorship program, click here.)

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Family Members:
Sujatha, 42 years
Sai Keerthika, daughter, 20 years
Karthik, son, 16 years

Andhra Pradesh Region

Sujatha Chinagudaba  was married to a wonderful husband and father, Mohana, for many years. He was a highly respected health care worker in remote villages, assisting patients and providing medicines. Mohana and Sujatha had two children. Their youngest, Karthik, scored 1st rank marks in 10th-grade examinations this year and secured not only admission but complete scholarship for the best college in the city of Vizag. Their oldest child, Sai Keerthika, also excelled in school and secured admission to a Pharmacy course to follow in her father’s footsteps. However she developed a rare blood clot condition that was diagnosed after much hospitalization and requires special medicines. She lost one year of study but with stubborn determination returned to her studies despite constant headaches and pain.

It was a terrible shock to this family when Mohana suddenly died in October 2021. He was the sole breadwinner of the family. Despite medical problems of her own, Sujatha has met the challenge and taught herself to sew ladies’ dresses. It is, though, still a struggle for her to meet their monthly rent and  her children needs.

With the support of a sponsor, Sujatha could develop a tailoring center and truly begin to provide all that her children need to excel in their vocations. It would be the support this determined widow needs to recover fully from the lost of her beloved husband.