The family of Susamma and Ajay

Susama and Ajay are a poor couple living in the remote reaches of Odisha with two small boys and a mother-in-law.

The family has limited means of income. With the help of a sponsor, Susamma could raise some animals and be be able to support her family. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Susamma, 27 years
Ajay, 29 years
Alexon, 6 years, son
Rapsion, 4 years, son
Mathina, 52 years, mother-in-law

Andhra Region

Susamma and Ajay live in a remote under developed village of Jubo in the hill tracks of Gangapathi District, in the State of Odisha.  Majhi is their family and Tribal group name. Susamma and Ajay live in dire poverty. They have no proper house to live in and nor any land for cultivation. They live in a house of one of their relatives. Mathina, her mother-in-law who is a widow lives with them.

Susamma and Ajay are blessed with 2 children who are boys. Alexon, the eldest son, is studying in 2nd Grade in the village Government school. Rapsion goes to the Government Kindergarten functioning in their village.

Living conditions of the family are pitiful. The family gets water from a pump well provided in the village. For washing clothes, dishes and bath etc they use the flow of mountain water which passes adjacent of their village. There are limited opportunities for employment in the village. Most families work in fields they own but Susamma and Ajay have none. They go for odd jobs when available working others’ fields. The family depends on the mountain for their sustenance. As per the regulations of the village they are allowed to collect products of the forest and fire woods for their livelihood.

A sponsor for this family would allow Susamma to raise animals and enjoy the rare privileges offered by the FFA to reach the goal of self-reliance. This rare offer will turn in to a blessing to this family to earn their livelihood decently. They could live a life with better human dignity. Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated. May God bless the kind benefactor! Kindly come forward to redeem them from the poverty.å