The Family of Vimala Bosco

Vimala is a 30 year old widow desperately trying to support her two young children who are doing well in school.

With your sponsorship, Vimala would be better able to feed and provide for her two girls.

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Family Members:
Vimala, 30 years
Aleena, 10 years, daughter
Alana, 9 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

Vimala is a poor young widow who is striving hard to make both ends meet with her two little daughters. Her husband, John, died in 2019.  He had been doing tile paving work while suffering from tuberculosis for many years. Early in 2019 he was affected with jaundice and his ailments became chronic and he breathed his last on 18th August 2019.

The only means of earnings for this family is the little Vimala earns from domestic works in a nearby house. Her children are too small for her to travel to more distant places. Even when John Bosco was alive this poor girl had to work hard for fulfilling their daily needs as he was quite often sick. Now the whole responsibility of this family is upon her tender shoulders.

Vimala’s elder daughter, Aleena, is studying in the 6th grade and the younger daughter, Alana, is in the 4th grade. Both of them are good in their studies and this poor mother finds it heartbreaking that she cannot fulfill their growing needs. They are staying in a semi-permanent hut built in the corner of John Bosco’s paternal house. His family’s poor financial situation means that they cannot offer this poor widow much support.

Vimala is looking for a kind assistance to row against the uncertainties of her life. These little girls will sprout to a bright future with  timely help from people of kindness. Many are their needs; they need support to survive, for the education of these little children, their future and a proper shelter to dwell in.