The Family of Xavier of Kannamaly

Imagine a widowed 72-year-old grandfather, stricken by a stroke, living in a partially completed house with his daughter, mentally ill son-in-law, and six-year old grandchild.  This is the plight of Xavier.

The help of a sponsor would be a huge blessing for this tiny family that struggles to survive in this tumultuous time.

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Family Members:
Xavier, 72 years
Reema, 38 years, daughter
Benson, 42 years, son-in-law
Angel, 6 years, granddaughter

Alleppey Region

Xavier is a poor man who is a living example of the struggles of a hardworking fisherman. He is the father of four daughters, all of whom he settled into marriages. Long years of strenuous work and not paying attention to his own health made him sickly. Five years ago he had a severe stroke and right side of his body was paralyzed making him unable to care for himself. His wife had been caring for him but she died of kidney trouble three yearsago.

Since his wife’s death, Xavier has been cared for by his third daughter, Reema. She has a husband and a young daughter. Her husband is a fisherman but has begun to suffer from some psychological problems and so is able to fish less and less. The life of this family worsens daily. There is no source of stable income for their subsistence and often their needs are met with the kindness of neighbors. How long they can survive like this is unpredictable.

Their situation is exacerbated by the pathetic condition of their dwelling. Xavier had begun to build their house before his stroke but since then, he has been unable to work upon it. As a result, the family is living in a structure without even a proper toilet. The house is not plastered, flooring not done and with no cooking place. Many are their pressing needs and they are looking for a kind assistance to survive.