The Jisha Family

Imagine being faced with a choice of feeding your children or paying for their medical needs? That is the plight of Mary Jisha.

You can read more of Mary’s story below. Even a small amount of monthly support would mean so much to this hard working family who strives to keep their children educated.

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Family Members:
Mary Jisha, 33 years
Deepu, husband, 39 years
Anitta, daughter, 13 years
Anupama, daughter, 10 years
Anagha, daughter, 6 years

Alleppey Region

Mary and Deepu are a loving couple in the southern Indian state of Kerala. They have been married for 14 years, and have three beautiful daughters. This is a family of caring, hard-working people. Deepu is a fisherman who supplements his income doing masonry work, and Mary also works odd jobs whenever she can. All three children go to school and are learning to be dedicated students.

But life is hard. Deepu’s jobs are physically demanding and his income is barely enough to make ends meet. In the past few years their modest home has become increasingly dilapidated, and both Mary and her youngest daughter have been diagnosed with medical conditions that require ongoing care.

Despite their hard work, the family finds itself falling deeper and deeper into poverty. Deepu and Mary worry constantly about their children’s future. The financial demands of shelter, food, medical care, and education are in constant competition for their meager income.

How can any parent choose between food or medical care for their child? A sponsor could ensure that this family receives the basic necessities that all people deserve. Even a modest amount of support would make an enormous difference for their family, allowing them to provide their children with a healthy home and a future of hope.