The Joy Varghese Family

Joy Varghese is a man of deep faith that has opened his home to family members in need of help, despite the severe medical problems of Joy and his wife. You can read more about his situation below.

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Family Members:
Joy, 53 years
Shirley, wife, 49 years
Reema, daughter, 23 years
Roy, son, 21 years
Beena, sister, 48 years
Celine, sister, 58 years

Alleppey Region

Joy is a man of amazing faith and optimism given the struggles his family has faced over the years. For many years Joy did tailoring works and managed to support his family. But, he suffered a severe heart attack and underwent immediate angioplasty. With rest and medication,  he was slowly recuperating when his wife, Shirley, was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread throughout her body. She is undergoing chemotherapy and needs expensive medication, beyond the financial limitations of this family.

Joy and Shirley currently have four family members living with them in their small house. Reema, Joy’s only daughter, was born blind. She was a gifted singer and with her family’s support,  she successfully completed a post graduate degree in music. Hopes are for her to find a job but for now she lives at home. Joy’s son, Roy, completed 12th grade studies and started going for cable net working works to contribute to the support of the family. Joy’s two elder sisters are also living under his care. One of his sisters, Beena, is a spinster and  a heart patient requiring regular medication. The elder sister was married but after her husband’s death she had to sell her sole possession of a little plot of land and house to settle her two daughters in marriage and had nowhere to go. So Joy happily admitted her too in his small house.

So, the family consists of six members in need of kind support to survive and meet their medical needs. Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.