The Kakara Family

Revathi is a young wife whose husband can no longer work steadily. She herself is ill.  Read more of her story below.

With the help of a sponsor, she would like to start a small business selling rice in their village.  (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Revathi, 28 years
Nookaraj, 43 years, husband
Krishna Rao, 9 years, son
Sidarkha, 7 years, daughter

Andhra Region

Kakara Revathi lives in a remote village area with her children. Both jer husband, Nookaraj, and Revathi are infected and suffering from acute tuberculosis. Nookaraj has a cycle rickshaw and works as a cycle puller. He rides a three wheeler cycle to carry passengers. This is a heavy job and in general poor people use cycle rickshaw. Often he has to bargain to get wages for his work. For the past one year, he has been unable to work as he has been very weak due to his ailments. He is often admitted in the hospital for better treatment.

Revathi and Nookaraj have no land or house of their own. They were staying in a rented house but have now moved to the paternal house of Revathi. Her father is suffering from high blood pressure. He had a stroke of paralysis and lost his power of speech and also right side is paralysed. He found it difficult to move about and needed the help of someone. Her mother attends his needs. Her brother and family also are staying in the same house which consist of two rooms, veranda and sit out. They do not have kitchen and toilets  and as per custom they cook outside in the open place. The house was made years ago with the government scheme and from time to time it is repaired but still it is an incomplete house. It is electrified as per village system. Public water facilities are available near to their house.

The eldest son, Krishna Rao, aged 9, is studying in 4th grade and the youngest daughter, Sidardha, aged 7, is studying in 3rd grade in Government school near to their house. The children are intelligent and they try their best to stand among the top most in their classes.

If any one stretches their hand to give a helping hand to sponsor this family they could start with a small business of the sale of rice and enjoy the rare privileges offered by the FFA to reach the goal of self-reliance. This rare offer will turn in to a blessing to this family to earn their livelihood and reach self reliance in future. They could live a life with human dignity.