The Kalathil Family

Yesudas has worked hard all his married life to provide for his wife and daughter. Now, a hereditary condition leaves the family begging for food.

sponsor’s monthly donation would put food on the family’s table and help provide for Divya’s  education.

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Family Members:
Yesudas, 53 years
Maria, wife, 50 years
Divya, daughter, 11 years

Alleppey Region

The Kalathil family has always worked hard and provided for their only daughter, Divya. With the help of the government relief programs after the tsunami, they were able to obtain a proper house to live in. Yesudas, the Dad, worked hard as a fisherman and Maria, the Mom, worked as a domestic servant. But, over the years it became clear that Yesudas was suffering from a hereditary nervous system disease that had also affected his two brothers. In time, Yesudas could no longer work and finally was even unable to move about. Maria, who had become the only breadwinner, was then forced to remain at home caring for Yesudas.

And so, the family is totally dependent upon the help of neighbors for any food to put on their table. Slowly, they are starving and the effects of malnutrition are taking their toll upon them.

Both Yesudas and Maria worry constantly about Divya. She is studying in the 6th grade but often goes to school without any sustenance. They struggle to provide her with the supplies she needs for her school assignments. Their hearts are breaking that they can no longer provide for their precious child. Their dreams for her future are fading.

With the help of a sponsor’s monthly contribution, this family could provide for their daughter and fulfill their dream of allowing her to receive an education and the opportunity for a better life.