The Kandulu Family

Jhancy is a disabled mother in need of support. Her husband, a recovered drug addict, struggles to care for his wife and find time for work to feed the family. You can read more of their story below.

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Family Members:
Jhancy Kandulu, 27 years
Anil Kandulu, husband, 35 years
Lokesh, son, 12 years
Nikitha, daughter, 11 years

Andhra Region

The Kandulu family lives in a rural area of Andhra Pradesh, near the Godavari river. This area is known for its hilly terrain and fertile floodplains, which become water-logged for several months in the rainy season.

Jhancy and Anil have lived here their whole lives. When they first married, their life was simple but full. Jhancy gave birth to a son, Lokesh, and a daughter, Nikitha. But their lives changed tragically when Jhancy was injured during a construction project. She was crushed by a falling piece of metal, which left her blind and partially paralyzed. It was a terrible time for the family. Anil, a dedicated husband, left his own work to care for his injured wife.

Jhancy endured three surgeries to stabilize her spine, but now lives in constant pain. Her movement is limited and she has no eyesight. The pressure on Anil to care for his wife and two children – both financially and physically – led him down a dark path of substance abuse. It was at this time that the Canossian sisters learned about the family and lent their help.

Anil was able to recover from his addiction, and return to being the supportive and caring father his family has always known. But the family continues to struggle with Jhancy’s medical bills and disabilities. Anil is always torn between caring for his wife and leaving home to find work.

With the support of a sponsor, the family would no longer have to choose between Jhancy’s medical care and food for the family. This is a family that has shown they are resilient, hard-working and caring. A sponsor’s support would go to good use and make an enormous difference in their lives.