The Kola Nagamani Family

Nagamani was widowed in January 2020 and is struggling to support her two young daughters.

With the help of a sponsor, Nagamani could take advantage of the FFA Resource program in the region and be better able to support herself and her children. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

If you wish to sponsor Nagamani, please fill in the amount you will contribute each month below and click on ‘Add to Cart’ to make your first payment through PayPal. Your monthly donation will help Nagamani as she works towards a better life. Thank you!



Family Members:
Nagamani, 34 years
Krishnaveni, daughter, 14 years
Mohini, daughter, 11 years

Andhra Region

Kola Nagamani is a widow living in poverty in our Andhra Pradesh region. She is a member of the Scheduled Caste. Her husband, Srinuvasu, was a hard working man, and cared for his family and lived a happy family life in spite of numerous wants. In recent years, he struggled to work and support his family as he suffered from malaria and asthma. In January 2020, to the shock of his family, he passed away from a sudden heart attack.

Nagamani has been forced to take up the responsibility of her family. She is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, malaria and typhoid and as a result cannot go for any sort of heavy work. Still, she has to support their two girls. The family has no land or house of their own and live in a rented house.

The eldest daughter, Krishnaveni, aged 14, is studying in 9th grade while Mohini, aged 11, is studying in 6th grade. They usually attend a government school near their house but due to the lock down because of the covid virus, this year schools have not yet started functioning. Internet classes are arranged for the students but they don’t have the facilities to attend the classes.

The family is in urgent need of a helping hand to help them reach their goal of self sufficiency. If Nagamani is sponsored by a willing person, not only would she receive funds to help with food and medications for her and her daughters, she could participate in the FFA’s Andhra Pradesh resource program which would provide the funds to run a petty shop or sell vegetables and seasonal fruits. As Sr. Carmel explains, “this would turn into a blessing to this family to earn their livelihood and reach self reliance in near future. They could recoup their health and live a life with human dignity.”  Nagamani will be ever grateful if any one willingly comes forward to give a helping hand.