The Kollaparampu Family

Imagine a granddaughter diagnosed with brain cancer in 11th grade and her father also diagnosed a few years later with the same disease. This is the plight of Mary Kollaparampu. She cares for her husband who is a stoke victim, her son and her granddaughter.

Your sponsorship would help provide medical care and daily necessities for this family who was self supporting for many years. You can read more of their plight below.

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Family Members:
Mary, 67 years
Michael, husband, 73 years
Joseph, son, 42 years
Elizabeth, daughter-in-law, 49 years
Merlin, granddaughter, 17 years
Alan, grandson, 14 years

Alleppey Region

Meet the Kollaparampu family. Mary, who initially approached our FFA staff for help, is a mother and grandmother with three generations living under her roof. She and her husband Michael have had a modest but successful life working hard and raising three beloved children.

Michael was still working as a fisherman when, at the age of 69, he suffered a debilitating stroke that left him partially paralyzed. Fortunately, their son Joseph stepped forward to support them, allowing Mary to care for Michael while living with Jospeh’s family. This was the arrangement for several years.

Now, the family is facing far worse circumstances. Joseph’s eldest daughter, Merlin, began experiencing headaches in the 11th grade and was diagnosed with brain cancer. Like any family, the Kollaparampus put all of their resources into treating their beloved daughter. She endured multiple surgeries, rounds of chemotherapy, and continues to suffer from side effects of the cancer and its treatment. The family exhausted their savings and took out multiple loans to cover the costs of her treatment.

Just when it appeared circumstances could not get worse, the unimaginable happened – earlier this year Joseph was also diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor and subsequent surgery have cost him his memory and physical abilities. The family cares for Joseph at home, and the FFA staff report that on their last visit they were deeply touched by the family and distressed by their immediate needs. Each generation of this family is in need of medical aid, and the future of this family will depend on the generosity of others to help them get it.