The Kunnel Family

Reynold is struggling to provide food and medical care for not only his wife and two children but also his sister and sister-in-law . You can read more about the family’s struggles below.

With your sponsorship, the Kunnel family would have a  steady source of funds for medical expenses and to help in feeding their children.

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Family Members:
Reynold, 49 years
Matilda, 35 years, wife
Steevo, 10 years, son
Stephy, 8 years, daughter
Mabel, 46 years, sister
Alice, 45 years, sister-in-law

Alleppey Region

Reynold and Matilda are a hard-working couple who live in the Arapakal coastal region of Kerala. Reynold works as a fisherman using a thermocol (plastic) single-person canoe. It is difficult and dangerous work as the boat is unstable and can easily tip when waters are rough. Fishing unfortunately does not provide a steady income for the family. His wife Matilda works at the local “peeling shed” part-time where she hand-peels prawns that will be processed and sold.

Despite their hard work the couple is struggling to care for their family. In addition to two young children of their own, the couple shares their house with Reynold’s disabled sister, Mable, and his widowed sister-in-law Alice. Both Mable and Alice’s late husband suffer from a hereditary condition related to their bones and circulation. The condition cost Alice’s husband his life and has left Mable is severely disabled. Mable has endured a leg amputation and is in nearly constant pain. Reynold and Matilda must do everything for her, from cooking and dressing to helping her in the bathroom. This is why Matilda can only work part time. When Alice joined the household she took up work as a domestic servant to earn income, but she is now suffering from a prolapsed disc that makes the work difficult. The two children are still in school, but the household is struggling to make ends meet.

The aid of a sponsor would help ensure the family gets the food and medical attention they need to survive and that the children can complete their educations.