The Kunthi Limma Family

Kunthi is an abandoned woman struggling to support three children all suffering from anemia. Her husband abandoned them when he was no longer able to work due to the ravages of sickle cell anemia. You can read more about their plight in their story below.

With the help of a sponsor, Kunthi and her children could begin to raise chickens and goats through the FFA’s Andhra Resource Program. They are eager to do this. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Limma, 39 years
Vijetha, 19 years, daughter
Sowmya, 16 years, daughter
Solomon, 14 years, son

Andhra Region

Kunthi Limma is a poor abandoned young woman who lives in an interior part of a village named Pydi, Bathili. Her family has suffered greatly from sickle cell anemia. Her husband had the disease and when he could not care for his family any longer, he abandoned them. Kunthi bravely took up the challenge of supporting her three children, all of whom are hard working in school despite major medical challenges. Her oldest daughter, Vijetha, suffers from sickle cell anemia and often misses school due to her illness. Still, she is doing her 1st year graduation. The two younger children also suffer from anemia. All three children need expensive medications so Kunkthi began going for coolie work after her husband left and struggles to meet the children’s medical expenses and educational expenses. She is tempted to give up but her faith inspires her to persist with renewed strength.

The family has no house or land of their own. They live in a semi-thatched permanent hut which requires maintenance every year. It consists of two rooms and a verandah. They cook outside the house in the open air. In the midst of their many wants they desire to live a happy life and to attain a better future. During this pandemic period, educational institutions have not been functioning but the children have regular online classes as their house does have electricity.

If any generous person is willing to extend a helping hand,  the family could raise goats and chickens through the FFA Resource Assistance program. The assistance of a sponsor would be a great blessing to this family as it would support them in fulfilling their dreams, meeting their medical and education expenses and having more nutritious meals. Help would be greatly appreciated.