The Labala Family

Here is a family with so much potential. The loss of a husband/father has left this mother, Jayalakshmi, and her two daughters in need of financial support at a most vulnerable time. The daughters are good students and with support now, will be able to care for their mother as she ages.

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Family Members:
Jayalakshmi, 36 years
Rajana, 16 years, daughter
Sirisha, 14 years, daughter

Andhra Region

The Labala family is a group of strong women with great potential. Jayalakshmi is 38-year-old mother of Rajana, 16, and Sirisha, 14. Jayalakshmi was widowed four years ago. Her husband began suffering heart issues and became paralyzed at the young age of 36. At the time the family had just started constructing a house. The house construction was put on hold as the family gave all of their time and money to pay for his medical care.

Sadly, Jayalakshmi’s husband passed away a year later. Jayalakshmi was left as the sole provider for her two daughters. The family continued to live in the half-constructed house until it finally collapsed in a storm. Another widow in their neighbourhood took pity on the family and made space for them in her home. This is where the family lives now.

All three of these women are hard-working and capable. Rajana and Sirisha both attend boarding school and have good grades and aspirations. Jayalakshmi has a sewing machine and uses it to do tailoring in the village. She also earns income producing other goods she can sell locally. Still, the cost of schooling and food and the burden of having no home of their own weigh heavily on the family. Jayalakshmi could do wonderful things with the financial support of a sponsor. It would give the family security for their future and ensure that all three of these women can live long, successful lives.