The Lanka Family

Lakshmi is  a young wife who struggles to support her husband and children. Her husband and two of her children suffer from muscular dystrophy. After many years of hard labor, Lakshmi now needs help.

With the support of an FFA sponsorship, Lakshmi, who can now longer leave her home, could begin manage a small neighborhood shop from her home and once again be able to support her family. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Lakshmi Lanka, 32 years
Sathyababu Lanka, 41 years, husband
Madhu Lanka, 14 years, son
Sai Theja Lanka, 7 years, son
Sharamila Lanka, 5 years, daughter

Andhra Region

Being in a wheelchair can be hard enough for an adult in a modern city. Now imagine the life of 14 year old Madhu Lanka, who cannot leave his wheelchair and lives in a small village in rural India. Madhu is a smart kid who does well in school, but his day-to-day life is a struggle. He suffers from muscular dystrophy that keeps him bound to his chair. His father and younger sister also have this genetic condition. His father uses a rudimentary crutch to move around, but cannot move well enough to find steady employment. All of the responsibilities of the house fall on 32-year-old mother Lakshmi.

In trying to care for her family Lakshmi has worked hard, but the years of stress and hard labor have taken their toll. She has developed anemia and is suffering from paralysis of one hand. Between her own health problems and the needs of her ill family she can no longer leave home to find work. At this time the family relies entirely on the charity of their neighbors. A sponsor could enable this family to start a small shop from home that would bring them a consistent and life-changing income. There is hope for everyone in this family if they can just receive the food and medical care that all human beings deserve.