The Majhi Family

After her husband suffered a major stroke, Bastina Majhi is trying to support her husband and two small children while he slowsly recovers.

With the help of a sponsor, Bastina could expand the number of animals she raises and be better able to support her husband and children. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Bastina Majhi, 28 years
Baleriyan Majhi, 35 years, husband
Semos Majhi, 6 years, son
Sonakshi Majhi, 3 years, daughter

Andhra Region

Bastina Majhi lives in the remote village of Jubo in the  State of Odisha. Her husband Baleriyan is a hard working ambitious man. They have two children Semos Majhi, eldest son aged six is studying in 1st grade and daughter Sonakshi Majhi goes to nearby Government Kindergarten. They have a small two room house with a toilet. Cooking is done outside the house..

Bastian tried hard to overcome the poverty that faced his family through working his bit of land  many hours. Overwork and lack of proper food made him weak. He had a stroke and his right side was fully paralyzed and he lost his power of speech.

All of the family’s savings have been spent to help him regain his health. After two years of treatment he is able to move about but he must continue his treatment for a longer period of time. Bastian is now able to leave his house and he attends daily Holy Mass in his parish church which is adjacent to his house. He clings on God and believes God will answer his prayer and care for children and give them a better education.

Bastina currently raises chickens to meet their daily expenses. If she receives a sponsor, the FFA resource program in Andhra would provide her with goats and cows and so earn a better income and better meet their heavy medical expenses. The family would be eternally grateful for the help of a sponsor as they deal with this tragic situation.