The Nimmala Family

Devi Nimala is a young HIV widow with two children. Her family has tried to help her but a tragic accident to her brother has left little means of support for Devi and her children.

With the help of a sponsor, Devi hopes to open a small shop and sell to her community. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Devi Nimmala, 32 years
Nandu Nimmala, 9 years, daughter
Prasanth Nimmala, 7 years, daughter
Sathyavathy Missala, 52 years, mother
Suresh Missala, 32 years, brother

Andhra Region

Devi Nimmala suffers from HIV and  lives in a remote village area with her two children, Nandu and Prasanth. Her husband, Ramu, passed away from HIV. He had been an ambitious hard working man. To earn a better income he went to cities near and far for work. Unfortunately, living and working away from family took a toll and he became drug addict which led to him being infected with HIV. He passed the same infection to his innocent wife. Three years ago he developed tuberculosis as a side effect and passed away.

After the death of her husband Devi was abandoned by her in-laws. Her own mother took her and her children back in her home. It is a sad situation as the family has suffered more crises. Her brother who had assumed responsibility of Devi and her daughters was severely injured when his bike was hit by a lory. It will take years for him to again be able to work. Devi’s mother now cares for her son who requires constant help

To meet the daily needs of the extended family, Devi has begun to go for odd jobs. The family is struggling to make ends meet. Where once was a home filled with  laughter and joy, there now is quiet and worry. Devi desires to run a small shop where she could sell breakfast items to the villagers.  She will be ever grateful if any one willingly comes forward to give a helping hand. Help given in this crucial time could improve her health. The venture capital would help the family to earn their livelihood and live a decent life in their village.  Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.