The Palackal Family

Mary and her husband of 30 plus years, Solomon, have fallen on hard times. After successfully raising a family, medical conditions and a tragic accident have limited their ability to work – this at a time when their son’s family has had to move in with them and their youngest daughter is not yet settled in life.

Your willingness to sponsor Mary would allow them to cover their urgent medical bills and other living expenses and allow them to more fully enjoy their beautiful grandchildren.

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Family Members:
Mary, 54 years
Solomon, husband, 67 years
Saji, son, 31 years
Daisy, daughter-in-law, 29 years
Milan, grandson, 2 1/2 years
Nora Maria, granddaughter, 6 months
Soumya, daughter, 25 years

Alleppey Region

Three generations living under one roof, struggling to make ends meet; this is the Palackal family.

Grandmother Mary is the one who came to us for assistance. She has been married to Solomon for more than thirty years, and together they have raised three children and are now proud grandparents as well.

Their troubles began several years ago when Solomon was diagnosed with a heart condition and underwent an angioplasty for treatment. Mary worked as a domestic servant and while Solomon recovered from the procedure her earnings became the only income for the family. It was during this time that Mary began experiencing symptoms of a stomach ulcer. She was placed on medication to manage the condition.

The financial burden of Solomon and Mary’s medical treatments was significant, and the couple was thankful when Solomon was able to return to some light part-time work. Then, just last year tragedy struck when he was involved in a horrific accident with a train. His right hand was severed during the accident and Solomon was rushed to the hospital. Doctors were able to do a surgical reattachment, but it met with only partial success.

Now Solomon struggles from continued heart issues and the limited usefulness of his right hand. He has not been able to find work in more than a year due to his condition. Adding to the financial and emotional stress for this couple, they are currently trying to settle their youngest daughter in marriage and their adult son Saji has brought his own family to live with the couple while he searches for work as a teacher. His two children have medical problems of their own that further burden this extended family. This family is desperately in need of help to manage their medical bills and to help them get back on their feet.