The Pampana Family

Kumari is a 30 year old widow in desperate need of help. She and one of her daughters suffer from HIV/AIDS. Her illness prevents Kumari from working steadily and supporting her family.

With your help, Kumari could open a small shop which could provide a steady income to pay rent, feed and clothe her children and purchase needed medications. The children, who are doing well in school, would be able to continue their education.

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Family Members:
Kumari Pampana, 30 years
Veeraveni Pampana, daughter, 14 years
Krishna Pampana, son, 12 years
Sailu Pampana, daughter, 11 years

Kumari is a thirty year old widow who is caring for her three beloved children. Her husband died one year ago from complications of HIV/AIDS. When he passed away, Kumari’s extended family tried hard to help her through the tragedy, pitching in however they could. Kumari’s sadness at the loss of her dear husband became worse with each passing day, and she ended up in a deep depression. Her mother-in-law moved the entire family in to her own home while Kumari recovered.

While Kumari has come a long way since her husband’s death, her family’s situation has become more precarious. Her mother-in-law has become too frail for the family to remain with her, and so Kumari and her three children are now living in a rented home they can scarcely afford.

Kumari suffers from her own symptoms of HIV/AIDS, and has great difficulty working to support her family. Despite these challenges, the three children have remained in school, even earning top marks among their classmates. Krishna, the son, is 12 and in eighth grade. The two daughters are Veeraveni, 14, and Sailu, 11.

Sadly, Sailu also suffers from health complications believed to be from HIV/AIDS. Both she and her mother require expensive medications to remain healthy. As their savings have dwindled and their resources have run out, the future for these children has become more bleak.

With the aid of a sponsor, Kumari and Sailu could afford the life-changing medications necessary to treat their conditions, and Kumari could open a small shop to earn an income to support her family. A sponsor could ensure that this family survives – and the children are allowed to thrive – for years to come.