The Ponnada Family

Vijaya is a mother with an ill husband and two young promising girls who have been forced to stop their education and work in a cashew factory to help out their parents.

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Family Members:
Vijaya Ponnada, 33 years
Prasad Ponnada, Husband, 35 years
Karuniya Ponnada, daughter, 16 years
Bhavyasri Ponnada, daughter, 14 years

Andhra Region

Vijaya Pnnada is one of the poor deserving women in her village. Her husband, Prasad Shankar, has been a daily wage earner working as an auto-rickshaw driver. Unfortunately, both Prasad and Vigaya are infected by the HIV virus. Prasad also suffers from acute tuberculosis and his health is not good. He now requires personal care and constant assistance and is unable to go to work. He has been advised that it is critical that he take all his medications, eat well and rest for a few months so he might recover and return to work.  While he gets certain medicines free from the government hospital, the family’s financial difficulties are keeping him from taking the rest of his medications.

The family has no land or house of their own. They live in the home of the Prasad’s parents which is in terrible shape and consists of only one room and a verandah. Cooking is outside the house.

Vijaya and Prasad are worried about the future of their growing daughters and fear that they will be isolated and rejected by both family and villagers. Their two girls are smart but their parents’ difficulties have forced them to discontinue their studies and go for seasonal work in the local cashew factory. This is a tragedy as Karuniya was in her first year in the Government College near their home and her younger sister, Bhavyasri, was studying in 9th grade.

Anyone who stretches their hand to sponsor this family could do so much good for this family. It would mean medications for Prasad. Vijaya could participate in the Andhra resource program and begin to raise chickens and goats as a source of income. The girls could return to school. It would give everyone the hope for a future where hunger and pain are no longer daily occurrences.