The Puthenpurakal Family

Here is a story that will break your heart.  The Puthenpurakal family was living happily raising their three children until a terrible accident befell the father, Justin. You can read the details below.

Now with savings gone and Justin in a lengthy rehabilitation process, the family needs the generous help of a sponsor to get through this difficult period in their lives. You can learn more about sponsoring a family here.

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Family Members:
Justin, 46 years
Shirley, 42 years, wife
Greetta Mary, 17 years, daughter
Stephen Joseph, 13 years, son
Sebin Joseph, 13 years, son
Jeen Mary, 11 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

The Puthenpurakal family has been a happy and successful family for many years. Justin worked in town and was well known as a member of the local church choir. His wife Shirley did tailoring work from their home. Their four children, ages 17, 11, and twin 13-year old sons, are enrolled in school and have been successful in their studies.

The family’s life changed dramatically in 2017 when Justin was involved in a terrible accident. While riding his scooter home from work he was hit by a motor bike. His right leg was crushed between the vehicles, causing damage so severe that doctors believed it would need to be amputated. The family spent many days in prayer at his bedside. After four majors surgeries and months of recovery at the hospital his leg was saved – but the family’s savings were gone. To pay for his care the family spent every single dollar they had, then took out loans at high interest rates from local money lenders that preyed upon the family’s desire to care for Justin.

Justin is now home from the hospital but will continue a long rehabilitation process to learn to walk again. The family does not know how they will continue to afford Justin’s care, pay off their loans, and even just get the food they need to survive. Adding to the pressure is that it would be an enormous loss if their children – already showing such promise academically – had to leave school to support their parents.

The support of sponsor would allow this family to weather this difficult time and ensure a bright future for all.