The Ragolu Family

Imagine being 30 years old and experiencing not only the death of your husband but also a sister-in-law and father-in-law who also lived with you. That is the plight of Mamatha who now struggles to provide for her children.

With the help of a sponsor, she could open a small shop and sell to her community. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Mamatha Ragolu, 30 years
Mounika Ragolu, 9 years, daughter
Sone Ragolu, 6 years, daughter
Himachal Ragolu, 4 years, son
Ramji Ragolu, 32 years, brother-in-law
Naomi Ragolu, 11 years, daughter
Annapurna Ragolu, 56 years, mother-in-law

Andhra Region

Mamatha Ragolu is one of the unfortunate widows in the village where she lives. The Ragolu family by tradition maintained a joint family system. Her father-in-law, Ram Rao had two sons. After the settlement of both sons the entire family lived together and shared all what they have and lived a poor but happy life.

Then tragedy entered the family. The youngest son, Mamatha’s husband, who was a good electrician had an accident while at work and he had major back injury. He was bedridden for two years. He had three children. He was cared for by the entire family and his sickness was not felt a burden to any. Annapurna,  Mamatha’s mother-in-law, went for odd jobs to meet the medical expenses of her son. But then the head of the family, Ram Rao, passed away from a heart attack – a shock to the family. After two months, Mamatha lost her bedridden husband who had had an attack of jaundice, leaving responsibility to care for their two children on the tender shoulders of Mamatha. Ramji, the eldest son of Ram Rao, took up the responsibilities of the family but, sadly, his wife Sujatha, who was highly diabetic, then passed away. She had viral fever which worsened in a short period of time and took the precious life which was uniting force of this family.

The remaining members of this extended family are trying to cope with these terrible tragedies and provide for the remaining children. Mamatha goes for odd jobs. Sadly, Annapurna often feels sick and unable to work. Their dwelling is dilapidated with two rooms, kitchen and a small veranda without any proper door. The family is at a lost after the three deaths which  broke the hearts not only of the family but the entire village.

The family longs for the active love of someone to give a helping hand to put the family together. Mamatha is constantly worried about the future of her growing children. If any one stretches their hand to give a helping hand to sponsor this family; she could run a petty shop and her mother-in-law could assist her in the business as she has ability of business. They live in an area that is growing rapidly and there is much promise for success. The rare privileges offered by the FFA to the sponsored families in Andhra will be an open door to free them from the misery they are enduring silently and could reach the goal of self-reliance in near future.