The Rani Akula Family

Rani is a poor woman with a teenage daughter whose husband deserted her a decade ago.

She is a hard working talented seamstress who could start a tailoring business with the support of the FFA. You can read more of her story below.

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Family Members:
Rani, 37 years
Shailaja, 14 years, daughter
Ganuthuvori Chandi, 31 years, brother

Andhra Region

Rani Akula is a dedicated mother with a talent for working with fabric. She lives in the sprawling city of Visakhapatnam on the east coast of India. Like many women in this region, she married young, and was eager to start a life and family with her new husband. Happily, the coupled welcomed a daughter named Shailaja in 2007. But these happy times were not last. While leaving for work one morning, Rani’s husband told her, “I may return later than normal from work.” Rani had no idea what that comment would come to mean. Her husband didn’t return that night, and she could find no sign of him the next day. The city is a dangerous place for women, so Rani’s younger brother, Chandi, selflessly volunteered to come and stay with her while they searched for his husband. Their searching when on for months. As more time passed, Rani had to sadly accept that her husband had abandoned her and their young daughter to fend for themselves.
This was more than a decade ago. Rani’s brother has continued to live with the family this entire time, providing Rani and Shailaja with their primary source of income and security. His dedication to the two has meant that he cannot marry and have a family of his own. Rani is sad to see her brother giving up his own dreams. She wants to earn enough money to take care of her daughter, and ensure that her brother isn’t their sole provider. She has trained in tailoring and takes odd jobs whenever possible. She would like to run a garment repair shop, but the cost of starting the business is too much for the family. The support of a sponsor would allow this dedicated family to start their own tailoring business through the FFA Andhra Resource Program and would give them a reliable income. It would ensure Shailaja could finish school, and Chandi would have a chance at starting his own family. This family is caring and capable, but a sponsor would make an enormous difference in their lives.