The Santhoshi Kumari Lanka Family

A terrible accident at the wedding of her sister, left 18 year old Santhoshi Kumari without a mother and responsible for the care of her sickly father. You can read more about their plight in the story below.

With the help of a sponsor, Santhoshi could set up a small shop through the FFA’s Andhra Resource Program. She is eager to do this. Her father could run the shop with her assistance and Santhoshi could continue her education. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Santhoshi Kumari Lanka, 18 years old
Simhachalam Lanka, 50 years old

Andhra Region

This is a terribly sad story. The Lanka family was comprised of Durgamma, the mother; Simhachalam, the father; and two girls: Santhi Kumari and Santhoshi Kumari. Durgamma was the breadwinner of the family as Simhachalam was unable to work. Through great effort, Durgamma was able to settle her older daughter, Santhi, in marriage according to the customs of the village. At the end of Santhi’s wedding ceremonies, there was a horrible electrical accident which killed Durgamma.

18 year old Santhoshi was left with the responsibility of caring for her father who suffers from various skin diseases and a wound on his leg which will not heal. Santoshi wishes to continue her studies while supporting her father. For now her classes are online due to the pandemic and she is also trying to go for some coolie works to earn money for her father’s medicines and food for them to eat. Once regular classes begin, it will be come difficult to support the two of them in this way.

If someone came forth as a sponsor, Santhoshi could set up a small shop which her father could run with her assistance. It would provide a better life for them and allow Santhoshi to continue her education.