The Savara Family

Here is a young mother, Machi, abandoned by her husband, bravely raising her 7 year old daughter. They have no stable place to live. You can read their full story below.

With the help of a sponsor, Machi could begin to raise goats and  offer her daughter a secure home and a brighter future.

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Family Members:
Mahesweri (Machi), 29 years
Priyanka, 7 years, daughter

Andhra Pradesh Region

Machi is a strong woman. Her parents, trying to ensure her a good future, arranged a marriage for her when she was 21. Sadly, the man she married was an abusive alcoholic. Machi survived a year of living with him before returning to her parent’s home to give birth to her daughter, Priyanka.
Her husband came to see the baby just twice before disappearing and refusing to have anything to do with Machi or their daughter. Machi was forced to live with her parents and two brothers in their small hut while she tried to raise Priyanka.
Tragically, her parents died two years later. Her two brothers married and it became impossible for Machi and Priyanka to remain in the hut. Machi has been fortunate to find work in a local boarding school where Priyanka attends class while Machi works as a cleaning lady. While the school is open they live in the building, but when the school closes they have nowhere to go.
Machi does own a small plot of land in the mountains where she planted cashew trees.  Unable to afford to hire workers to harvest the nuts, her brothers currently tend the land and reap its benefits.
With the help of a sponsor, Machi could rear goats and with the proceeds, take steps towards having a secure home for herself and Priyanka and a more secure future.