The Shaji Family

Imagine having to rely upon a school lunch program  to feed your two young children. This is the plight of Sheeba after she and her daughters were thrown out of their home by her husband. You can read more of her sad story below.

With your sponsorship Sheeba could purchase a sewing machine and use her tailoring skills to provide for her daughters.

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Family Members:
Sheeba, 39 years
Mariam, daughter, 6 years
Alphonsa, daughter, 5 years

Alleppey Region

Sheeba is a 39-year old woman who is in desperate need of help to support her two young daughters. Her husband was physically and mentally abusive, eventually kicking Sheeba and the daughters out of their house.

The family had nowhere to go; Sheeba’s mother passed away several years ago and her father remarried but now suffers from blindness and is unable to make any living. The best he could offer to his daughter and granddaughters is a temporary place to stay. Since then Sheeba has struggled to find work with two young girls to look after.

The only source of stable nutrition for the girls in the lunchtime meal they receive at school. Sheeba’s oldest daughter is Mariam, she is 6 years old and attends second grade. The younger daughter is Alsphonsa, who is 5 and in kindergarten.

Sheeba does know how to do tailoring work, but has no sewing machines or supplies to start a business. With support from a sponsor Sheeba would be able to purchase these supplies and begin a home-based business that would provide a stable income to the family. After escaping a terrible life it would be wonderful for her to raise her children in a loving and secure home.