The Sondi Family

Usha is a poor woman with a disabled husband and four young children.

With the support of a sponsor, she could be part of the FFA’s Resource program and begin to earn an income to help feed the family and pay for the children’s educational expenses. (To learn more about the Andhra Family Sponsorship program, click here.)

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Family Members:
Usha Sondi, 33 years
Niagara Sondi, husband, 37 years
Harani Sondi, daughter, 10 years
Hasini Sondi, daughter, 6 years
Rohit Sondi, son, 5 years
Baby Sondi, son, 1 year

Andhra Region

Usha and Nagaraj Sondi are a poor, deserving young couple from the village of Kancharapalam, Visakhapatnam with four young children. They have difficulty making ends meet.

Usha is an orphan girl, who lost her parents when she was small. She was brought up by her impoverished grandparents in the slums Vishakhapatnam. Nagaraj’s family was also very poor. When Nagaraj was young, he was in a terrible accident and nearly died. He lost sight in one eye and became disabled. As a result he never attended school and is only able to find odd jobs at low wages. Usha can only occasionally go for odd jobs as her time is mainly taken up  caring for their young children and preparing what food they can afford.

The family lives on the first floor of a rented house with an asbestos roof as it is all they can afford. They have two rooms with a toilet outside. As is common in the area, there is no running water in their home, but fortunately public water is available nearby.

Despite their poverty, they are a happy and peaceful family. Their oldest daughter, Harani, goes to a nearby government school. This coming school year, Usha and Nagaraj hope to enroll Hasini in lower primary school and Rohit in nearby government kindergarten. They want their children to get a good education but it is difficult for, while education is free,  there are numerous small expenses to meet which is a challenge for them.

With the help of a sponsor, Usha could be part of the FFA’s Resource Program and begin to sell vegetables and fruits at a road side stand. This would provide the much needed income to help with the children’s educational expenses and keep food on the family table. She will be ever grateful if anyone willingly comes forward to give a helping hand.