The Sundi Family

Ratha has a husband with advanced throat cancer. She is desperate to support him and her daughters who are also sick.

With the help of a sponsor, Ratha could develop a small home business that would provide a steady source of income to her family. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Ratha, 40 years
Suraya, husband, 43 years
Roja, daughter, 27 years
Sojanna, daughter, 24 years
Iswarya, daughter, 23 years
Maheswari, daughter, 20 years

Andhra Region

Ratha Sundi lives in the village of Veeraghattam in Relli Veedhi. Her husband, Suraya, was a hard working man running a business of selling fruits in various ways. Family members helped in his business especially during the various fruit according to its seasons. They have a small house of their own which is electrified according to the village systems. Public water facility is available closer to their house.

Suraya is suffering from advanced stage throat cancer. He has already undergone 15 radiations. His medical expenses are high and the family has no means to meet the expenses. He is very weak and requires constant care and attention.

God blessed Ratha and Suraya with four girls who have done well in their studies and are ambitious to reach somewhere in the society. Unfortunately all four daughters suffer from hormonal imbalances and must take regular medications. Roja, the eldest, has completed her degree in MA but ,unable to find high paying work, she gives tuition to school children in her village and earns $15 which she gives to her mother. The second daughter Sojanna has completed her plus two. A good proposal came for her and she is settled in marriage. Iswarya is a BSC student and Maheswari is a Degree student.   They have all tried to get good jobs but have been hindered because of a political system which requires bribes.

Ratha is stressed to meet the medical expenses of her husband and her daughters. In her helplessness she gets money from the money lenders who charge her high interest. Her pathetic life situation leaves her not knowing what steps to take next  in her day to day life. If someone stretches their hand to sponsor this family she could develop a business which would allow her to meet the urgent medical needs of the family members and take steps to provide better for her husband and her sick daughters.