The Tekimudi Family

Jayalakshmi is a 15 year old orphan, living with her aged grandparents. She attends school but it is a struggle for her  grandparents to provide for her.  You can read more of her situation below.

The grandparents are eager to do take on rearing poultry and goats, despite their ill health, so Jayalakshmi can gain strength and hope. Your sponsorship could make this happen as once Jayalakshimi is sponsored, the FFA will provide her grandparents with the resources to purchase the desired animals. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Sathayavathy, grandmother, 56 years
Jayalakshmi Kudupudi, granddaughter, 15 years
Govindu, 61 years, husband

Andhra Pradesh Region

Jayalakshmi is one of our youngest applicants; she is just 15 years old. She has lived with her grandparents for many years after the death of her parents from HIV/AIDS. Sadly, Jayalakshmi is HIV-positive herself. She receives treatment from the nearby hospital and is good about attending regular check-ups and taking her medication. She also attends the local government school where she is in 10th grade.

Despite the care that her grandparents have given her, Jayalakshmi is in constant worry about her future. Both her grandmother and grandfather are beginning to suffer the effects of years of hard jobs and poverty. It is more and more difficult for them to find any work outside the home. They worry about how they can provide for themselves while also ensuring Jayalakshmi’s future.

Jayalakshmi’s grandparents are still motivated to work and eager to find a more stable source of income. A home-based business rearing chickens or goats would be a perfect opportunity for the family and a sponsor could easily provide the funds to make it happen.