The Tekmudi Family

Here is story of two girls, Sravani and Satyapriya, working hard to move beyond the devastating loss of a father to HIV/AIDS while coping with the ravages of the disease on their mother. Sravani struggles to support her mother and sister while Satyapriya, attends nursing school.

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Family Members:
Lakshmi Tekmudi, 35 years
Satyapriya Tekmudi, daughter, 19 years
Sravani Tekmudi, daughter, 17 years

Andra Pradesh Region

The Tekmudi family lives in a small house in the village of Ramachandrapuram. The household consists of 35-year-old Lakshmi, and her daughters Satyapriya and Sravani, who are 19 and 17 respectively. Like so many other women in this village, Lakshmi was widowed when her husband passed away from complications of HIV/AIDS. He was a hard worker and a good husband, but his illness left the family in dire circumstances.

Before his death the family spent the entirety of their savings on his treatments, and then fell into debt pursuing help for their beloved husband and father. During this time both girls left school to help care for their father. Despite the family’s efforts, he passed away two years ago. The family also learned that Lakshmi herself was infected with HIV by her husband. Now she suffers from poor health that makes work outside the home difficult.

But there is hope for this family. Satyapriya has worked hard and earned a place in a nursing school, which will give her a career and source of income for the family. The family has taken out yet more loans to pay for this, and so Sravani goes to work while her sister attends school. The family is desperate for help to ensure a future of health and opportunity. With the aid of a sponsor Lakshmi can receive help from the FFA that will help her turn the family’s fortunes around.