The Thathapudi Family

This young couple, Santhi and Raju, have been devastated to learn they are HIV positive.  Raju can no longer do the demanding work he has done to support his family.

Your sponsorship would allow this couple to receive medical care and assure their sons remain healthy and in school. It would change their lives and give them hope.

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Family Members:
Santhi, 30 years
Raju, 36 years, husband
Pandu, 11 years, son
Chinna Abishek, 10 years, son

Andhra Pradesh Region

Raju and Santhi are a loving couple with two young sons. Raju is a hard-working man who has spent many years doing demanding physical labor. While he could have worked in easier jobs, he knows the hard work pays well and he has been committed to providing a good home of his family. Santhi has been able to stay home caring for their sons Pandu (11) and Chinna (10).

Earlier this year Raju began struggling to perform the types of jobs he has long held, and after visiting the hospital he was diagnosed as HIV-positive. The entire family was devastated by this discovery. Their sadness only deepened when Santhi was diagnosed as HIV-positive as well. Their lives have now been thrown into disarray.

Raju is not strong enough to continue with his work, but the family is desperate to fund the medical care that both Raju and Santhi need to manage their conditions. The family has moved in with relatives and Santhi goes for work as a housekeeper whenever possible.

The one ray of hope for these parents is that their children are still healthy, and in school, and Raju and Santhi will do everything in their power to keep things that way. With the help of a sponsor these loving parents could receive the medical care they need and an opportunity to support themselves once again.