The Vattaparampil Family

Mercy is married woman desperately trying to improve the life of her son while living with an abusive husband.

Your sponsorship could help her give her son a better life.

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Family Members:
Mercy, 37 years
Biju, husband, 43 years
Sharon, son, 9 years

Alleppey Region

Mercy is a woman in dire need of help. She is married to a man who suffers from mental illness, and as a result treats her very poorly. He hid his illness from Mercy’s parents, who were very poor and so arranged for the marriage out of desperation to provide for their daughter. Mercy quickly discovered the truth about her new husband. To begin with he is unreliable and has difficulty keeping a job or just refuses to work at all. Worse yet, when he does not take his medication he becomes abusive. The task of ensuring he stays properly medicated has fallen on Mercy, who must often choose between providing food for the family or ensuring her husband receives his treatment. She must balance the responsibility of caring for her family with being the sole income earning for the household. She has little help from anyone else. Her family has mostly abandoned her, and the only person she was close to – her brother – passed away several years ago. Now she lives a sad life with her only reason to continue being her 9-year-old son. Imagine the sadness as she sends him to school each day hungry, and worries about her future in their unhappy household. Mercy is truly in need of help and the aid from a sponsor could completely change the lives of this family.