The Veliyakath Family

This family lives in a tin shed with little protection from the elements. They have devoted their lives to their children.

With your sponsorship, they could improve their lives.

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Family Members
Varghese, 44 years
Sabeena, wife, 37 years
Bincy, daughter, 15 years
Akhila, daughter, 12 years
Johnson, son, 11 years

Alleppey Region

The Veliyakath family is an especially moving case. The two parents, Varghese and Sabeena, were blessed with three children early in their marriage. Their first daughter, Bincy, has suffered from major health issues that have impacted the whole family. She has a growth on her spine, as well as a malformed leg. She has undergone two surgeries to treat the growth, but in each case it has returned and with it her medical conditions have worsened. She is now incontinent and unable to fully care for herself. Her mother knows that it’s important for Bincy to still receive an education, but in order to attend school Bincy requires constant physical assistance. So, Sabeena has given up work so that she can go with Bincy to school each day. This leaves Varghese as the sole provider for the family. Their other children, 12-year-old daughter Akhila and 11-year-old son Johnson, are healthy children who attend the local 6th grade. The entire family lives together in a small temporary shed on the corner of Varghese’s family’s land. The only protecting from the elements here is a cheap tin roof. In the summer the home is unbearably hot, and during the monsoon season the inside becomes soaked with rain. It is a miserable place to live, but the family has no income to put towards a better home for their children. In the words of our staff in India, “In the midst of their utter poverty their only concern is about the future of their growing children.”  This is a truly deserving family in need of aid from a sponsor.