The Vempatapau Family

Ravanamma is a poor widow with HIV/AIDS attempting to raise her two children who are currently in school.

With the help of a sponsor, Ravanamma hopes to rear animals and earn a livelihood to support her children. (To learn more about how the sponsorship program in Andhra Pradesh works, click here.)

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Family Members:
Ravanamma, 40 years
Parvathi, daughter, 15 years
Rambabu, son, 12 years

Andhra Region

Vempatapau Ravanamma is one of the deserving widows living in a small village of Chinthada in Palakkonda Mandal. Vempatapau is their family name. She is a victim of HIV/AIDS for the past 10 years and is on ART. She lost her husband, Adinarayana, three years ago. Her health condition is poor and she requires regular medical care and attention. She has two children named Parvathi aged 15 studying in 10th grade and Rambabu 12 years studying in 8th grade. Both of them are studying in the government schools.

The family earns their livelihood by washing the cloths of others. With the loss of her husband, Ravanamma is solely responsible to provide for her children. Poverty forces her to go in search for household domestic works.

The family’s house was built with the help of Government subsidy and is not yet completed. The house is electrified as per the village system. No water facilities or toilet facilities are available in the house. Public water  is available in their village close to their house.

The main occupation of villagers is cultivation. The family has no land for cultivation. They  plan to rear goat or cows with the help of the FFA resource program. Ravanamma’s only desire is to take care of her growing children who are her joy and hope. If any one stretches their hand to sponsor this family she could rear animals such as goats or cow and earn their livelihood. She could make good use of the rare privileges offered by the FFA to reach the goal of self-reliance. This  will turn in to be a blessing to this family to earn their livelihood and reach self reliance in near future. They could recoup their health and live a life with human dignity. She will be ever grateful if any one willingly comes forward to give a helping hand. Any help given to them will be greatly appreciated.