The Vempatapau Family

This HIV/AIDS mother is having difficulty providing for her two children and caring for her ill husband.

With your sponsorship, she could raise some livestock and be better able to feed and clothe her children and purchase needed medications for her husband.

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Family Members:
Ravanamma, 38 years
Adinarayana, husband, 48 years
Paravathi, daughter, 11 years
Rambabu, son, 9 years

Andhra Region

Ravanamma is a 38-year-old mother of two who is struggling to provide for her family. Both she and her husband suffer from complications of HIV/AIDS that make working difficult. They have both been afflicted with the illness for many years. Despite this, the parents have worked hard to support their beloved children. Their daughter, Parvathi, is in 7th grade and their son Rambabu is in 5th grade. In their area most people earn an income by farming or raising livestock. With no land of their own, Ravanamma and her husband have survived by washing clothing for wealthier families. Her husband, however, is now too ill to work and doctors tell her that without more medications to manage his condition he will not survive much longer. At the same time she also is growing weaker and now finds it difficult to earn enough money to feed the family, let alone purchase the necessary medications. With the aid of a sponsor, the FFA could help Ravanamma purchase some livestock to give her a source of income to benefit the whole family. For this family the income will make an enormous difference to their very survival.