The Vipin Family

Ann Maria is a 24 year old widow who is in need of an new sponsor. You can read more of her sad story below.

With your sponsorship, Ann Maria can continue to see monthly aid that has been so vital for her family.

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Family Members:
Ann Maria, 24 years
Sonu, 8 years, daughter
Liya, 6 years, daughter
Kamala, 74 years, grandmother

Alleppey Region

The Vipin family first came to the attention of our Allepey office in 2017. At the time, Ann Maria was a young mother who had been widowed under terrible circumstances. Left to care for her two young daughters as well as her elderly grandmother, the family was destitute. A sponsor came forward and has generously supported this small family since then. Their lives have not been easy – both children have suffered through medical issues, and Ann Maria’s grandmother died while collecting fish on the seashore – but they have been very grateful for the aid and support of their sponsor. Now, that sponsor is unable to continue supporting the family. Everyone involved would like to ensure that the family’s aid is not disrupted. A new sponsor could continue the important work that has already been done to give Ann Maria and her daughters a brighter future.