The Vooyaka Family

Goyami has had to rely upon the help of her poor neighbors to get by since the death of her husband.  She is currently trying to reclaim the land he gave away in his dying days so she can support their children. You can read more of her dire story below.

The help of an FFA sponsor would allow Goyami to work on this task as well as provide immediately needed clothing and food for her children. To learn more about how the Andhra Family Sponsorship program works, click here.

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Family Members:
Goyami Vooyaka, 34 years
Krishna Babu, son, 9 years
Sowndarya, daughter, 5 years

Andhra Region

“She is a helpless, distressed, illiterate widow.” This is how the FFA staff first described Goyami, a 34-year-old single mother.

The staff learned of Goyami’s plight after the death of her alcoholic husband in 2021. At the time, she was living in a rural village with her two young children under a small structure described as a “cowshed.” Her husband had sold their land and possessions to pay for his addiction, leaving the family completely destitute. Their situation was made more dire by their legal status as an illiterate rural family. The children’s births were never registered with the state. In the eyes of the Indian government, this made them foreigners in their own country. They were not eligible for school, social programs, or government rations. Even at age 9, Goyami’s son had never attended a day of school.

After her husband’s death, Goyami found herself homeless, with no savings, no income, and no support. The local villagers took pity on the family and helped them construct a modest mud hut for shelter. They put them in contact with the local Canossian Sisters and the FFA. In addition to basic aid, the FFA staff helped the family petition for their legal status. We are happy to report that all three have now received their documentation, and the staff is continuing the process of enrolling the students in school and food ration programs.

At the same time, the local village leaders agreed to hear Goyami’s case regarding the land her husband sold. If she is successful, she will win back her land. This would allow her to return to the agricultural work which supplied an income for her family.

Goyamai could benefit greatly from an FFA sponsor. A monthly assistance of a sponsor could help not only fund  the legal assistance needed to reclaim the land but also provide funds for the basic necessities as the family gets back on its feet. Goyami’s case is one that illustrates how profoundly FFA support can make a difference for otherwise helpless families, and this is an opportunity to part of it.