The Xavier Family

Deteriorating health conditions of both Augustine and his wife, Mariya, have made it difficult to feed their children and complete work on a house that they had started in better times.

Living in a dilapidated hut (seen in their photo), a sponsor’s contribution would help not only with food, but also medications. With help they hope that their strength will return and they can complete work on their family home.

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Family Members:
Augustine, 43 years
Mariya Goretti, 36 years, wife
Ann Liya, 12 years, daughter
Linoy, 7 years, son
Kidhiya, 4 years, daughter

Alleppey Region

These days Augustine and Mariya are living a difficult life with their three young children. Both parents are suffering from significant health problems that have robbed them of their livelihood and savings.

Mariya was born with skeletal deformities that have always made working difficult, but she has been a good mother and Augustine has worked hard as a fisherman to provide for the family. Last year, however, Augustine developed a heart condition and suffered from a prolapsed disc.

Augustine’s heart condition was treated with angioplasty, but combined with the disc issue he can no longer work in such a labor-intensive job. At nearly the same time, Mariya developed several cysts in her breasts and had been advised to seek a mammography and further treatment. The family can scarcely afford this as they are struggling just to put food on the table for their children: Ann Liya (12), Linoy (7) and Lidhiya (4).

The family’s circumstances are made worse by the fact that they live in a dilapidated hut that offers little shelter from the elements. They had started a new home  with the help of a loan but it now sits unfinished. Ann Lisa and Linoy do go to school, although Linoy suffers from asthma which requires medication.

This is truly a family in need of aid at a dark time in their lives.