Family of the Month — Sponsored!

Pearly and Paul have been sponsored! They are a kind couple, fallen on hard times.  You can read their story below.

They met and married relatively late in life, and had two sons, Pius and Prince. Pearly has long suffered from anemia but in the past she was able to stay home to care for the boys while Paul earned a modest living as a freelance photographer. Their luck changed, sadly, two years ago when Paul was diagnosed with throat cancer. He underwent emergency surgery that saved his life, but as a result of the operation Paul lost his ability to speak.

Paul is now a sickly man in need of regular medication and medical care and he is not able to continue working as he used to. The family is now struggling to make ends meet. They live in a rented home but have fallen behind on rent. Their boys, ages 11 and 7, place an increasing demand on the family income as well and both Pearly and Paul worry constantly about their future.

With the help of a sponsor, this couple provide a nourishing home for their two sons and get Paul the medical care that he needs.

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Thank you so much!