Family of the Month – The Arakal Family – Sponsored!

We are so thrilled that Mariamma has been sponsored. You can read more about her plight below. While she now has hope for her future, please check out our ‘families in need’ page for other families awaiting for help.

This is one of the most deserving families we have ever asked sponsorship for. Mariamma has been paralyzed since birth and must drag herself along the floors of their rented house if she wants to move. In a true love story, her husband, Joshy, married her and they had two sons. All was well until Joshy was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and became unable to work.

Since then the family has relied upon the help of neighbors for food. They are unable to purchase medicines and are facing eviction as they have missed many rent payments. Their oldest son is unable to go for advanced studies and their youngest will soon have to drop out of school as well.

The FFA staff has made a video of this family.

If you can find it in your heart to sponsor them, please help. To learn more about sponsoring a family, you can click here. To read more about Mariamma and to sponsor her, please click on this link.