Family of the Month – The Bhutti Family – Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored. Thank you so much for your support! Please check our ‘Sponsor a Family’ page for other families in need.

Here was the story Chinari and her family:

Chinnari and her husband, Apparao, live with their young son, Ramacharan Theja, in the Andhra Pradesh region. Chinnari is only 25 years old and trying to support her husband and son while ill herself. Both are HIV positive and have difficulty affording their needed medications.

With the gracious support of an FFA sponsor, this family could see their fortunes turned. Both parents would benefit from medical care they are currently too poor to afford, but with the aid of a sponsor they could begin a small home business to provide the steady income that the family so desperately needs.

You can read their full story here.